Fact Check the Left: Is Pete Buttigieg the First Openly Gay Cabinet Secretary?

Posted: Feb 04, 2021 12:15 PM
Fact Check the Left: Is Pete Buttigieg the First Openly Gay Cabinet Secretary?

Source: Stefani Reynolds/Pool via AP

Conservative women are bashed pervasively in the liberal media. They’re scorched on social media. They’re subjected to erasure — full stop. It’s brutalization on a shocking scale that goes largely unreported, but it pales in comparison to what conservative LGBT members and Trump supporters receive. And when it comes to the media, they’re also subject to the "Stalin treatment." It’s as if they never existed.

This has been displayed in the liberal media establishment explicitly with the confirmation of Pete Buttigieg as Joe Biden’s transportation secretary. His confirmation wasn’t a shock, but the media coverage was exceptionally predictable. You all knew it was coming.

"Mayor Pete becomes the first openly gay cabinet in American history."

And guess what? This is all wrong. Mayor Pete is the second openly gay cabinet member. Richard Grenell was the first, serving as President Trump’s acting director of national intelligence. In fact, Grenell even sent his congratulations to Buttigieg as…the second openly gay cabinet member this week (via The Hill):

Richard Grenell, who became the first openly gay man to serve in a president’s Cabinet after being designated acting director of national intelligence (DNI) last year, congratulated Pete Buttigieg on becoming the second after he was confirmed to head the Transportation Department by the Senate on Tuesday.


The Senate confirmed Buttigieg to lead the department in a 86-13 vote earlier on Tuesday. While he is only the second openly gay person to serve as member of a president's Cabinet in the nation’s history, he is the first to be Senate-confirmed.

Grenell became the first openly gay Cabinet member after former President Trump designated him to serve as DNI in February 2020.

RATING: Do I really need to dissect this any further? It’s a total and complete lie. Now, The Hill did really split hairs here, saying that Mayor Pete was the first openly gay cabinet member to be Senate confirmed. I mean, that’s really getting into the minutiae and doesn’t negate the fact that Buttigieg is running second place regarding the larger picture. Granted, they did credit Grenell with being the first Cabinet member. Still, that was not seen across a host of news reports about this confirmation. It’s too late for a lot of reports. It’s out there, and people will believe this lie, while Mr. Grenell, who has served this country with honor and integrity, will evaporate into the ether merely because he worked for the wrong president. It’s pathetic. Mr. Grenell was first, and that’s the end of the story. It’s as definitive as the New York Giants beating the New England Patriots twice in the Super Bowl. Deal with it.

Side Note: The Giants beat the Patriots in Super Bowl 42, which occurred 13 years ago yesterday. The greatest upset in the history of professional sports.