WRONG: Bernie Sanders's Outrageous Reason For Why Florida Democrats Lost This Year

Posted: Nov 08, 2018 12:50 PM
WRONG: Bernie Sanders's Outrageous Reason For Why Florida Democrats Lost This Year

If there is one thing we know about the far left, besides being totally wrong on policy, it's that their memories have a shelf life of two seconds. Seriously, after what Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said about the recent Florida elections, just discount anything this progressive wing has to say because we all know they have a one or two-track mind to explain why their campaigns end in disaster. 

The autopsies are usually ‘candidate x wasn’t left wing enough.’ If it’s not that, it’s because of white people, or something. The latter is what Sanders thought was the reason why Andrew Gillum and incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson fell short Tuesday night. Gillum lost and has conceded. Nelson and Gov. Rick Scott, the Republican, are heading for a recount, which will end at noon on November 10. Scott leads Nelson by a little over 34,500 votes. Scott is going to win. And for Sanders, it’s because white people were scared of black people (via Daily Beast):

Democratic officials woke Wednesday morning searching for answers as to why the party was unable to win several marquee Senate and gubernatorial races the night before. But for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) the explanation was simple. The candidates who underperformed weren’t progressive enough; those who didn’t shy away from progressivism were undone, in part, by "racist" attacks.

“I think you know there are a lot of white folks out there who are not necessarily racist who felt uncomfortable for the first time in their lives about whether or not they wanted to vote for an African-American,” Sanders told The Daily Beast, referencing the close contests involving Andrew Gillum in Florida and Stacey Abrams in Georgia. “I think next time around by the way it will be a lot easier for them to do that.”

Sanders wasn’t speaking as a mere observer but, rather, as someone who had invested time and reputation on many of the midterm contests. The Vermonter, who is potentially considering another bid for the presidency in 2020, mounted an aggressive campaign travel schedule over the past few months and endorsed both Abrams and Gillum. He also has a personal political investment in the notion that unapologetic, authentic progressive populism can be sold throughout the country and not just in states and districts that lean left.

So, a senator from a state whiter than Wonder Bread is going to lecture us about how the country is not really racist, but afraid of black candidates, or something. Yeah, okay—I think Bernie and his crew should think harder about ways to pay for their health care agenda. They won’t, but they could come up with a talking point for the Sunday Morning Talk shows that isn’t downright laughable. Also, Florida is a state that Obama carried twice. I don’t think Gillum lost because white voters were scared of a black candidate. They were scared of his policies. 

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