TRIGGERED: It's The Kurt Schlichter Special

Posted: Oct 04, 2018 4:15 PM

Col. Kurt Schlichter rolled into the Triggered studio for an intense, rambunctious, and insanely entertaining episode of the podcast, where he took shots at Democrats and our favorite target: anti-Trump Republicans. Admittedly, Kurt, Storm, and I all started on the anti-Trump trajectory, but we all became what Kurt aptly noted as “Trump curious” once it became clear that Trump was going to be the nominee. Hillary Clinton was never someone I could vote for. Kurt added another person: Jeb Bush. By the late stages of the campaign, the Bush land was a radioactive wasteland. The rest of the field didn’t have the delegates. It was Trump. He listened to a cultural wave that was largely ignored for the better part of a decade. He tapped right into it and surged to clinch the nomination. The choice between Hillary and Trump is not a hard one. It’s Trump. Even the most skeptical of Republicans knew that, which is why 90 percent of party members voted for him.   

Kurt torched never Trump weakness. The elites tone-deafness when it came to economic issues. He aptly noted that for a long time the elite wings of both parties told workers impacted by free trade agreements to screw off. He also stomped on the notion that supporting this man makes you a racist. Kurt would happily lift a particular finger that each of us has on our hands in response to that lunacy. 

In all, it was 30 minutes of hilarity, with Col. Schlichter stomping on progressivism in his typical brutal fashion. Oh, and make sure to pick up a copy of his book, Militant Normals. He had to leave very quickly, as his M1 Abrams tank was double-parked outside our office. 

You can find a copy of Mr. Schlichter's book here.