Did The Trump White House Do Some Grade-A Trolling With Kavanaugh Pick? Yesterday's Media Treatment Is The Clue

Posted: Jul 10, 2018 1:20 PM
Did The Trump White House Do Some Grade-A Trolling With Kavanaugh Pick? Yesterday's Media Treatment Is The Clue

As the media was being shown to the location of President Trump’s Supreme Court announcement, there was some epic trolling en route. The White House staff reportedly took members of the press past a portrait of Hillary Clinton. Now, that has to get under liberal members’ skin. It’s a classic 'what could have been moment,' but one that will never ever happen. That being Hillary Clinton becoming president of the United States and choosing her own Supreme Court pick. The Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson asked Special Assistant to the President & Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley if was done on purpose. He said it was—but CNN takes the troll game even deeper. 

How did Kavanaugh catch a break in his legal career? Well, he investigated the Clintons—the Whitewater affair and the sexual details of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin mentioned this when he was lamenting over how Merrick Garland was never given a chance, and how Clinton is probably suffering in silence in seeing Trump picking another SCOTUS nominee. This was her moment, remember? Who gives a crap?! I’m happy that Hillary Clinton will never have a SCOTUS pick—ever. She could have won that election, guys—and you blew it. Trump won. That’s the end of the story and now this is the reality of that. Still, Kavanaugh is well qualified. He’s once again assured Republicans that voting for Trump was the right choice, given the booming economy and the judiciary agenda possibly being directed rightward for the next generation. This would never have happened if Never Trumpers had their way.

Yes, he has all the qualifications to be our next justice, but selecting the guy who helped set a fire that almost engulfed the Clinton presidency to ash being picked for SCOTUS—now that’s quite the coup de grace, huh?  (via NewsBusters):


JEFFREY TOOBIN: Can I just make -- we're talking about personal points.


TOOBIN: Think about two people who watched tonight. Brett Kavanaugh is a judge on the D.C. Circuit. You know who the chief judge of the D.C. Circuit is? It's Merrick Garland. How do you think he feels today? I mean, Merrick Garland is a class act. He's moved on with his life, but the idea that he never got the moment that Kavanaugh is going to get. He got the moment of being announced, but he never got -- the other person is –

CUOMO: Trump’s sister.

TOOBIN: Trump's sister, whose advice was not taken. But Hillary Clinton. I mean, Brett Kavanaugh made his name by investigating not just the Starr—not just Whitewater but the Monica Lewinsky part, the sexual details.

CUOMO: The tawdry, sorted, deep and dark stuff.

TOOBIN: And his, you know, making his name for himself got him on the trajectory that he is today. And Hillary Clinton has to watch yet another Supreme Court nomination that she thought she was going to be able to…