Newspaper: Gee, Our Subscriptions Are Down Ever Since We Endorsed Hillary

Posted: Dec 19, 2016 7:35 PM
Newspaper: Gee, Our Subscriptions Are Down Ever Since We Endorsed Hillary

The Dallas Morning News has endorsed a Republican in every presidential election, but decided to buck the trend and endorse two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton. That appears to have hit the publication’s bottom line, as scores of customers have decided to scrap their subscriptions. T. Becket Adams at The Washington Examiner had more:

"[S]ome people have cancelled their subscriptions, so we lost some customers at a time when it's tough to lose customers," editor Mike Wilson told the Washington Examiner Tuesday evening.

Earlier, in an interview with Poynter, Wilson said the Dallas Morning News experienced some unpleasant pushback after it announced its support for Clinton, breaking its more than 75-year-old tradition of endorsing GOP candidates for president.

"Certainly we've paid a price for our presidential recommendation, but then, we write our editorials based on principle, and sometimes principle comes at a cost," he said. "I've had a lot of conversations with readers lately, and I respect their views and their right to disagree with us. The most important thing to us is that they vote, even if it's not for our favorite candidate, because democracy doesn't work if people don't vote."

Dallas Morning News made their decision and they’re willing to accept the consequences, yet wasn’t denying Hillary Clinton the presidency the Right’s overriding principle for the 2016? Granted, I was not a Trump supporter - you all know this from my past blogs. I even said that he wouldn’t be the nominee, let alone the next president. But then he won the 2016 primary, he clinched the nomination, and now he’s going to be the next president of the United States. My guys, Rubio and Walker, had their shot. They lost. Trump won, he was the best shot we had to defeat Clinton, and so I had to fall in line. Given how things turned out, I’ve never been happier to be wrong. Clinton will never be president. That’s the best Christmas gift of all for the country. As for principle, it’s pretty clear that his cabinet isn’t filled with soft left-wingers. He’s made sound choices that have garnered the approval of ardent liberals, like John Kerry, to experienced Republicans in foreign policy, like former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Let’s see what he does—and I’m sure The Dallas Morning News will do the same. The era of Obama is over. The Trump presidency is about to begin.