Nosedive: Clinton Drops Seven Points In Three Days

Matt Vespa
Posted: Aug 27, 2016 1:00 PM
Nosedive: Clinton Drops Seven Points In Three Days

When you combine Hillary Clinton’s lack of appeal with her alleged ethically questionable dealings regarding paid access at the Clinton Foundation, you’re going to take a hit in the polls. In fact, in the past three days, Clinton has dropped seven points against Donald Trump. Nationally, she still leads by five, but that’s still within striking distance of the Republican nominee. That says more about her than Trump.

Both are widely unpopular standard bearers for their respective political parties, but Clinton just seems incapable of breaking 50 percent. There is some silver linings for the Clinton campaign. They’re still leading in key swing states. And if the election were held today, she would handily cobble together enough electoral votes to win. Still, it shows that Hillary’s standing in the polls might be very tenuous, with one bad document dump away from massive erosion in support (via The Hill):

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump has narrowed to 5 points, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Friday.

Clinton, the Democratic nominee, registers 41 percent support among likely voters, while Trump, her GOP counterpart, claims 36 percent. Twenty-three percent said they wouldn’t vote or would pick another candidate.

The same poll on Tuesday showed Clinton leading by 12 points. She was up by 8 points in last Friday's Reuters/Ipsos poll.

For Trump, this is good news. It shows that the possible ethics issues that surround the Clintons like hungry sharks resonates with American voters. While it’s good that Trump has been hammering them over the shady dealings of their family foundation, it's what he should’ve been doing for months. He should focus his attacks here. Don’t attack Gold Star families. Enough with the attacks on a judge’s ethnicity—and saying that he can’t do his job effectively because of it.

Just focus on attacking Clinton, the fact that voters don’t trust her, and her dismal record in the foreign policy department. Say how this will be a third Obama term, but one that will be marked with an all-out assault on our Second Amendment rights. Hit her on trade. There’s plenty of ammunition to use against Hillary Clinton. And I would suggest setting up extended campaign tours through Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Missouri. Yes, there’s been a nosedive for Clinton in the national polls, but things are tight in some traditionally Republican states. It’s what you get with a weak candidate, though Trump is the Right’s best chance of defeating Hillary in November.