American Nazis: A Trump Win Would Be Great For The White Cause

Posted: Aug 08, 2016 7:00 PM
American Nazis: A Trump Win Would Be Great For The White Cause

Donald Trump may have shot down former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke’s support, who’s now running in Louisiana’s Senate race, but that hasn’t stopped the crazies from voicing their hope that he wins the upcoming presidential election. And by crazies, I mean American Nazis (via Buzzfeed):

The chairman of the American Nazi Party, Rocky Suhayda, declared on his radio program last month that a Donald Trump victory would present a great opportunity for white nationalists to build pro-white coalitions.


Now, if Trump does win, okay, it’s going to be a real opportunity for people like white nationalists, acting intelligently to build upon that, and to go and start — you know how you have the black political caucus and whatnot in Congress, and, everything, to start building on something like that, okay,” continued Suhayda.

I know this won’t change the minds of die-hard Trump supporters. Even with Trump’s rebuke, Duke supports Trump. And the interesting part about Duke’s senate candidacy relates to his past history. Right now, Duke has more voter support among black voters than Trump. Nevertheless, some of the company that are coming out of the woodwork for Trump are folks we could all do without.