ICYMI: A Democrat Wants To Change The GOP Party Platform On Abortion

Posted: Apr 21, 2016 3:40 PM
ICYMI: A Democrat Wants To Change The GOP Party Platform On Abortion

As mentioned during Hugh Hewitt’s interview with MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki, Donald Trump told NBC’s Savannah Guthrie Thursday morning that he wants to the change the Republican Party’s platform on abortion to include exceptions for the life of the mother, rape, and incest.

Savannah Guthrie: The Republican platform every 4 years has a provision that states that the right of the unborn child shall not be infringed, and it makes no exceptions for rape, for incest, or for the life of the mother. Would you want to change the Republican platform to include the exceptions that you have?

Donald Trump: Yes I would. Yes I would. Absolutely. For the three exceptions. I would.

Guthrie: Would you have an exception for the health of the mother?

Trump: I would leave it to the life of the mother, but I absolutely would have the three exceptions.

Sara Gonzalez over at our sister site RedState couldn’t have said it any better:

The real problem here is that Donald Trump is absolutely clueless on this issue. Nothing in the platform as it is currently worded precludes the exceptions that he wants specifically enshrined. And in fact, pretty much every Republican nominee ever has supported those exceptions. But because Donald Trump has spent approximately 30 seconds in his life actually thinking about the abortion issue from a pro-life standpoint, he doesn’t realize that.

So he goes on national TV and basically agrees with a liberal gotcha question which is intended to convey the idea that all Republicans oppose these exceptions. Which is not true. Congratulations on once again setting the pro-life movement back a measurable amount by just not knowing anything about the issues, Donald.

This is your Republican front-runner. This is who he really is. He is not a conservative. He is not pro-life, he is not pro-Second Amendment, he is not pro-religious liberty, he is in favor of universal healthcare, and he supports amnesty. He is pro-whatever sounds like it can get him the most votes. He is a pandering manipulator. He is a fraud.

Amen, Sara. Democrats have picked a top slate of progressives to run for both parties’ presidential nominations. Say what you will about the left, but they sure know how to organize.