As $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill Passes Senate, Harry Reid Claims Victory

Posted: Dec 18, 2015 1:30 PM
 As $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill Passes Senate, Harry Reid Claims Victory

The Senate promised to pass the $1.1 trillion spending bill that passed the House earlier this morning, and that promise has been kept by a 65-33 vote. Yet, of course, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (R-NV), claimed this as a victory for Democrats (via Roll Call):

The year-end package passed with little drama in the Senate, after Senate leaders locked up votes on Thursday, heading off any effort to slow down the process. GOP presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., had threatened Thursday that he might used procedural methods to slow it down. But on Friday, Rubio was not present for the final vote. Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., was also not present for the vote.

At a press conference after the vote, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., touted the omnibus spending bill and tax extender package as a victory for his party. They argued the Senate has been able to function again because they are a more cooperative minority than Republicans were before them.

The House passed the measure by a 316-113 vote, with only 18 Democrats voting against the omnibus legislation joined by 95 Republicans. The rest of the Democratic caucus–166 members–voted with the reaming 150 House Republicans that prevented a government shutdown.