Graham: I Miss George W. Bush

Matt Vespa
Posted: Dec 15, 2015 8:05 PM
Graham: I Miss George W. Bush

If there’s one thing that was made clear tonight, it’s that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) misses former President George W. Bush–dearly.

When discussing how to confront and defeat ISIS, Graham noted that there were some policy shortfalls within the Bush administration during the occupation of Iraq, but adjustments were made.

“I blame Obama for ISIL, not Bush. I’m tired of beating on Bush; I miss George W. Bush. I wish you were president right now. We wouldn’t be in this mess,” he said to applause from the audience.

It’s not just Graham who misses Bush; many war veterans miss the 43rd president. To show support for the sacrifices of our troops and their families, President Bush used to send letters to babies born to mothers on active duty, according to IJ Review. One veteran, Virginia Kruta, gave birth to two daughters when she served in the army. After she left the military, she discovered that she had lost the letters. She sent an email to the former president about how she lost them. This month, he sent replacement ones.