Houston Moms Taking Up Firearms Training To Protect Their Families

Posted: Oct 02, 2015 9:00 AM
Houston Moms Taking Up Firearms Training To Protect Their Families

Mothers in the Houston area are concerned by the 50 break-ins that have occurred in their community. So, they’re doing what many moms would do to protect their families; they’re undergoing firearms training (via KPRC-TV):

They're knocking on the front door and if we don’t answer they go and kick in the back door,” said a mother named Meghan, also of Bellaire.

That is why Meghan recently decided to get a group of mothers together to learn more about how to use a gun and gun safety. The group of moms gathered at Athena Gun Club along the Katy Freeway, where they also had a chance to do some practice shooting.


Most of the women said they had never fired a gun before, but they wanted to learn in case they run into a situation where they have to protect their families.

The article also mentioned how 17-18 million women own firearms in the United States, with 220,000 carrying concealed carry permits in Texas. The latter is part of a national trend. Women are the fastest growing demographic of gun owners in the country, and they’re lining up across the country, not just in Texas, for their concealed carry permits. Since 2007, women applying for their CCWs has surged 270 percent.

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