Close Call: Ambush On Las Vegas Police Officers Could Have Been Much Worse

Posted: Sep 08, 2015 11:00 AM
Close Call: Ambush On Las Vegas Police Officers Could Have Been Much Worse

On Sunday, another shooting wascdirected at law enforcement occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada, where a man decided to target two police officers at a traffic light. Both survived, though one received a gunshot wound to his hand (via CNN):

An officer who was shot in the hand was being treated at a hospital, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sgt. John Sheahan said. He was in good condition.

"Luckily -- I want to repeat, luckily -- our officer was only hit in the hand. It could have been much, much worse," he said.

Police haven't released the identity of the suspect. The suspect gave authorities multiple addresses and was "not very forthcoming as far as identity, as far as where he lives," the sergeant told CNN, explaining, "That's been pinned down now."

CNN added that the two police officers were responding to a disturbance call at a local dollar store, where the suspect fired a .40 caliber handgun at them. The officer who was not wounded gave chase, arresting the suspect at a 7-Eleven on the same block.

While no one likes to hear about police being targeted, this story blessedly had a happy ending for lack of a better term. Yes, officers were fired upon (appalling), but no one was seriously hurt, and these officers went back home alive. That’s a good day with all things considered–and they apprehended the would-be cop killer. Given the fatal string of shootings against law enforcement in Louisiana, Texas, and Illinois that have left wives, widows and children fatherless, it’s nice to see that these officers survived.

Cortney wrote about how a majority of Americans, both black and white, feels that there’s a war on law enforcement at present. Whereas Reason’s Nick Gillespie strongly condemned the attacks on law enforcement, but noted that there is no “war on cops” being waged on America’s streets.