Cop-Hating Man Stabs Police Cruiser. Yes–He's Going To Jail

Posted: Sep 04, 2015 6:40 PM
Cop-Hating Man Stabs Police Cruiser. Yes–He's Going To Jail

Twenty-year-old Zachary Jacobson doesn’t like the police. That’s why he stabbed the hood of a police cruiser with an eight-inch knife. According to AZCentral, Jacobson hates law enforcement, and “wanted to send a message to everyone.”

The incident occurred on Wednesday in Maricopa, Arizona, where Jacobson decided to jump around on a police cruiser holding the knife. The Sheriff’s posse ordered him to drop the weapon. At the time, Jacobson decided to inflict his almighty wrath on the cruiser, which has landed him in prison pending criminal damage charges.

Law enforcement is already a difficult job that potentially places the one wearing the uniform’s life in danger on a daily basis. We’ve already seen a string of fatal police shootings over the past couple of weeks. Recently, law enforcement in Louisiana, Texas, and Illinois has seen their fellow officers die in the line of duty–brutally at times.

On top of that, some business establishments, like Taco Bell and Arby’s, have seen rather insensitive incidents occur between their employees and law enforcement. Granted, both franchises have apologized to the respective police departments who saw their officers reportedly being denied service or had the word “PIG” written on their taco wrappers at their establishments. Now, we have some dude jumping on police cars and stabbing them through the hood of the cruiser.

The events in Ferguson, Missouri have added to law enforcement's stress levels across the country, which is why in June, it was reported that recruitment was down. In some cities, it's down by 90 percent, according to ABC News.