Donald Trump Wins Kentucky Caucus

Posted: Mar 05, 2016 10:50 PM
Donald Trump Wins Kentucky Caucus

Heading into Saturday’s GOP caucus in Kentucky, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump led the field in a recent survey with 35 percent of the vote. Thus, it’s not surprising that the race has been called for the real estate mogul.

There are 46 Republican delegates at stake and they will be divided proportionally among the candidates based on results.

This was the first time in decades Kentucky has used caucusing as a method to choose a party nominee (Thanks in no small part to Sen. Rand Paul). 

Despite some confusion and very long lines, the enthusiasm in the state was discernible.

"Look at this – there are lines of people waiting to vote," said Gov. Matt Bevin, who visited one of the caucus locations in Jefferson County to cast his ballot. "For everybody who thinks that having a caucus in Kentucky was not a good thing, have you ever seen this kind of enthusiasm for a primary in the state of Kentucky? You never have."