Man With Cache of Weapons Drove to DC to Steal Obama's Dog

Posted: Jan 08, 2016 8:23 PM
Man With Cache of Weapons Drove to DC to Steal Obama's Dog

Bo, President Obama’s Portuguese water dog, could’ve been the first ‘first dog’ to have been kidnapped had the Secret Service not learned of Scott Stockert’s plan to steal him.

And boy was he ever serious about stealing him. Not only did he drive from North Dakota to the nation’s capital, he also came with a cache of weapons to carry out the dognapping.

When agents asked him whether he had any weapons, he told them he had two firearms in his truck and then directed them to the truck.

Agents found the two firearms under the backseat — a 12-gauge pump shotgun and a bolt-action .22-caliber rifle. They learned that he was not registered to own a gun and arrested him, the court document said.

They also found more than 350 rounds of ammunition, a billy club and a machete with a 12-inch blade.

Stockert, as you can likely guess, is not exactly mentally stable. Not only did he tell officers he was Jesus Christ, he also claimed to be the son of JFK and Marilyn Monroe.  When asked why he was in Washington, D.C., Stockert said he planned to announce his campaign for president. One of his campaign promises? That would be a health care plan that only costs $99 per month.

No word on why Stockert opted to pass on attempting to dognap President Obama’s other dog, Sunny.