Joy Reid Encourages Twitter Activists To Go After Falsely Accused Woman

Posted: Jul 05, 2018 12:00 PM
Joy Reid Encourages Twitter Activists To Go After Falsely Accused Woman

Joy Reid encouraged Twitter activists to harass a grandma who was falsely accused of verbally assaulting a 14- year-old boy. 

The confrontation took place during recess at a recent council meeting. Rosalyn La Liberte says she doesn't live in Simi Valley but says she's "...passionate about the federal government's fight against against California's sanctuary state status," reports FOXLA

The boy, Joseph Levanos, took the opposing side of the issue at the council meeting. During the recess, Levanos said he started conversing with La Liberte so he could try to understand her feelings. 

"So the picture doesn't give the context?" Hal Hisner of FoxLa asks La Liberte. 

"No! I look like a monster! If I saw that, I would be upset!" La Liberte tells FoxLa. 

"I heard that people were boycotting this woman's business, and I don't really want that," Levanos tells Hisner. 

"You don't?" Hisner asks.

"I dont, because she was being civil," responded Levanos.

"I lost one of my big jobs today," La Liberte told FoxLA.

"How do you feel about the way this moment is being interpreted?" Hisner asks Levanos.

"I don't really want this upon her. She doesn't deserve it because she was giving her opinion in a place where everyone should be able to share their opinion," Levanos responded.  

The comments accompanying the picture in the above tweet were directed at the boy. But not by the woman in the picture, making this tweet highly misleading. 

The 14-year-old boy was verbally harassed, but not by Rosalyn La Liberte. 

During a recess in the meeting the teenager says he started a conversation with the woman to try and understand her feelings, "but, I felt like she was still trying to keep it civil which I appreciate," according to the boy. 

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Kevin McCullough

Both he and his mom say there were rude people saying ugly things like the teen would be the first to be deported. For the record, he was born and raised in this part of Southern California and he didn’t like that. "But, what you see in the photo isn’t a confrontation but a conversation," he told the Right Scoop.

"I never said anything disparaging. I never did,” says La Liberte. 

To her credit, Reid later admitted to her mistake in a tweet.