Professor Lynne Kohm of Regent Law Explains How Roe Devalues Marriage and Family

Posted: Jun 14, 2018 11:15 AM
Professor Lynne Kohm of Regent Law Explains How Roe Devalues Marriage and Family

WASHINGTON D.C.- On June 13, Americans United For Life hosted their “Women Speak 2018: A Symposium on Life Without Roe” at the Heritage Foundation. During the panel on the “Legal Implications of Overturning Roe” Professor Lynne Kohm who teaches family law at Regent University Law School, addressed the legal implications of overturning Roe. 

“When SCOTUS no longer sanctions abortion as a ‘right’ hearts and laws will change!,”  said Professor Kohm. 

"Life without Roe could mean a new age," said Professor Kohm. 

Professor Kohm outlined three primary benefits of  a post Roe world: 1) improved romance, 2) improved marriages and 3) improved family culture. 

Professor Kohm pointed out that one of the primary legal implications of a post Roe world is improved romance.  Professor Kohm explained how "The availability of abortion has led to a casual sex culture." Because reversing Roe, could lead to reversing ideology that cheapens sex, this will lead to improved romantic relationships. "Romance is lost in a culture of sexual exploitation," said Professor Kohm. 

Secondly, Professor Kohm explained how the overturning of Roe could lead to improved marriage. Kohm also explained that overturning Roe could restore fertility in the marriage.  Overturning Roe could reverse ideology that  "cheapens marriage," said Kohm. 

Lastly, Professor Kohm says that overturning Roe will improve family life. 

"Roe created a wedge between marriage and children. Reversing Roe could lead to decreased government involvement in the family" said Professor Kohm. 

Professor Kohm believes that reversing Roe will restore the value of the family.  Roe has cheapened the value of the family and children. "Kids are so cheap, the show up in garbage bags," said Professor Kohm.