Pence: We Want Obamacare Repeal on Trump's Desk By February 20

Posted: Jan 04, 2017 12:50 PM
Pence: We Want Obamacare Repeal on Trump's Desk By February 20

During a closed door meeting on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Vice-president elect Mike Pence reportedly told Republicans he wants Obamacare repealed and sent to President Trump's desk by February 20. Trump will be sworn into office on January 20, setting a fast-paced timeline to fulfill the campaign promise of making Obamacare repeal a top priority.

Since the legislation was passed in 2010, Republicans have voted dozens of times to repeal the healthcare law, only to be blocked by former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama. Republicans now have a majority in the House and Senate, but need 60 Senate votes to avoid a filibuster

Republicans eager to show quick action against Obama’s health care law took an initial procedural step Tuesday, introducing a budget bill that would have to be considered under a parliamentary procedure that would prevent Democrats from using a Senate filibuster to protect the health care law.

Top Republicans promised an Obamacare repeal will not strip those currently in the exchanges of their healthcare and are stressing replacement programs will be implemented over time. President-elect Trump warned Wednesday morning about the political implications for the GOP if things don't run smoothly.