Carly Fiorina Heads to The View

Posted: Nov 06, 2015 9:00 AM
Carly Fiorina Heads to The View

After a week of back and forth with the ladies of The View, who called her "demented" last week, GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is prepared to take a seat at the table Friday. 

"The left always demonizes the messenger when they don't like the message and they didn't like my message. They didn't like my message about Planned Parenthood and what's really going on, they tried to demonize me over that. They don't like my message that progressive policies actually harm women instead of helping them. So in general, what the left does instead of debating on the merits of the issue, they want to demonize the messenger. I hope on The View we can have a civil conversation about the issues and why we differ," Fiorina said Thursday night on Hannity. "I think conservative women and African-American conservatives are held to a different standard because we're not because we're not supposed to exist. I am Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare, a conservative woman who will take her on over her track record, her policies and her lies."

The View airs at 11 am et on ABC.