View Feud Continues: Whoopi Goldberg Slams Fiorina, Says "We Raised Your Profile"

Katie Pavlich
Posted: Nov 03, 2015 9:05 AM
View Feud Continues: Whoopi Goldberg Slams Fiorina, Says "We Raised Your Profile"

In case you missed it last week, the ladies of the view referred to GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina as "a Halloween mask" and "demented" after her performance at the primary debate in Boulder. In response to the comments, Fiorina issued a challenge to the hosts and dared them to express their insults to her face. The challenge has been accepted and Fiorina will make her second appearance on the show Friday. 

But based on the response of Whoopi Goldberg to the controversy surrounding the comments from her co-hosts about Fiorina's physical appearance, things might be a little awkward. The ladies of The View are claiming credit for raising Fiorina's profile and aren't showing any signs of regret over the things that were said. 

“The View” has sparked controversy yet again on Monday, as the hosts dug themselves deeper into a cringe-worthy battle with presidential candidate Carly Fiorina.

During Monday's episode, "The View" took aim at Fiorina for the second time in days, this time responding to Fiorina's statements about the show after two hosts called her smile demented. Host Whoopi Goldberg had some strong words for Fiorina.

“Carly will be here on Friday,” Goldberg said. “I will not, but I do want to point out, Carly, that the last time you were here — and you’ll see b-roll running — we welcomed you to our table. We helped raise your profile so you would be included in the sea of men. You weren’t worried about any kind of Republican backlash — nobody was backlashing. We were respectful and gave you your due.”

Goldberg continued, “Just so we’re all clear, you have to know the difference between when somebody’s coming for you, when somebody is paying you a compliment and when somebody is saying, ‘here’s my observation.’ If you can get that together, maybe you can be president.”

It's sure to say we'll certainly be tuning in.