Good News: Travel Ban on Taliban Five Won't Be Lifted, For Now

Posted: Jun 01, 2015 7:50 AM

The travel ban on the five top Taliban commanders who were traded for Army Sgt. and alleged deserter Bowe Bergdahl last summer won't be lifted after multiple requests were made to the government of Qatar by the White House to keep them grounded. The travel ban was originally set to expire over the weekend, prompting major concerns from the intelligence community and U.S. officials about the safety of Americans. 

Regardless, concerns that the Taliban five were released from GITMO in the first place still remain and it is inevitable that when the men eventually do get to travel, they'll be returning to the battlefield against the United States. 

A government official familiar with the trade told Fox News earlier this year that at least three of the five Taliban leaders have tried to make contact with their old terror networks.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Bergdahl is set to stand trial sometime this summer at Ft. Sam Houston. He is charged with desertion and acting inappropriately in front of the enemy. He faces life in prison.