Breaking Down North Carolina, 72 Delegates at Stake

Posted: Mar 15, 2016 4:20 PM
Breaking Down North Carolina, 72 Delegates at Stake

One of the most notable facts about North Carolina's Tuesday Republican primary is that there is no threshold in order for a candidate to receive delegates.  All of the candidates will win a portion of the 72 delegates in the Tar Heel State.  Only Florida has more delegates in Tuesday's primary.

This may ultimately hurt Ted Cruz. He needs as many anti-Trump delegates as possible because Kasich and Rubio will surely take a few.

But considering the inevitable, Donald Trump is more than likely going to have a tremendous night in North Carolina.  The state, much like the rest of the southeast, has shown Trump polling in the 'one spot' for months.  

Candidates have been so focused on Ohio and Florida that they have overlooked North Carolina which has a significant amount of delegates.  However, Donald Trump has not been afraid to 'come stop by' as we say in the South, with his visits to Fayetteville, Hickory, and Concord in the past several weeks. For all the grief people give Trump for his New York values, the man is not afraid to come to your local hometown and inspire thousands.