The 'True Conservative' Puts Out Fake Photo of Marco Rubio

Posted: Feb 19, 2016 12:10 PM
The 'True Conservative' Puts Out Fake Photo of Marco Rubio

Apparently Ted Cruz's campaign has created an ad with a photoshopped picture of Marco Rubio shaking hands with Barack Obama in the graphic which you can see below. 

Thursday night on "The Kelly File," Marco Rubio gave his response to the video and reminded us of other political tricks that Ted Cruz's campaign has played in the past.  

"Here's the thing," Rubio said.  "If this was just one incident, you would say 'alright, well this is just one of these things that happens in campaigns', but the problem is that everyday now it appears that Senator Cruz's campaign either does or says something that isn't true."

"So this is part of a pattern," he continued. "It began in Iowa when Carson and the 'robo' calls saying he had dropped out of the race.  It continued last week when he wasn't telling the truth about my record regarding Planned Parenthood and so National Right to Life how to come out and call him out on it.  It's just an ongoing pattern." 

Ted Cruz is not afraid to use things such as 'robo' calls or even voter violation tickets with the title "Official Public Record" to intimidate people into voting his way.  

Marco Rubio is just the latest victim in this ongoing game of Washington, D.C. politics.