Immigration Reform is Driving Off a Cliff

Posted: Apr 08, 2014 4:03 PM
Immigration Reform is Driving Off a Cliff

In an apparent "act of love" for illegal immigration, California is preparing to give 1.4 million illegal immigrants driver’s licenses. Starting January 1st of next year, thanks to Governor Jerry Brown (D-Calif.), all of California’s undocumented immigrants will be able to apply at their local DMV to drive legally. In anticipation of a surge of applications, the state DMV "is opening five centers and hiring 1,000 employees" in the hope of signing up as many people as possible. "Study, practice, and prepare" is the mantra given to the millions of illegals who will inevitably show up to acquire what is, or at least used to be, a privilege.

The whole notion that immigrants who break the law deserve every protection, right, and privilege legal citizens have is Jeb Bush logic. It ignores the rule of law in favor of emotional appeals to "love" and "family."

And while Jeb Bush is singing "Somos el Mundo", American taxpayers suffer. The cost of California’s appeal to illegal immigrant drivers "is estimated at $140 million to $220 million for the first three years."

Even President Obama, in a 2007 Democratic primary debate, seems unwilling to outrightly support driver’s licenses for illegals (although he eventually caves in):

As we draw deeper into 2014 and immigration reform (including border security) seems pointlessly stuck in a well American citizens demand, and deserve, answers. How many "acts of love" can we spare for illegal immigrants?