Jon Stewart Trashes 'Hypocrite' Harry Reid

Posted: May 14, 2014 3:16 PM

Following Harry Reid’s rant against the Koch brothers, even liberal allies are pointing out what a fraud, Mr. Reid is. Last night on Jon Stewart’s, the Daily Show, the host called Harry Reid out for his hypocrisy when it comes to the Koch brothers.

Jon Stewart jokingly praised Harry Reid’s brave crusade against the Koch brothers, but also called him out as a hypocrite for not calling out Sheldon Adelson at the same time. Adelson, also has donated to Reid’s funds.

Stewart mocked Reid by saying the “crusader for good, money-free politics” is no more than a hypocrite who only thinks money in politics is bad when the people involved are not ones politically connected with him.

Watch the videos below for all of the hilarity (courtesy of Comedy Central):

And part 2: