TIME Magazine's Latest Cover: Can Anyone Stop Hillary?

Heather Ginsberg
Posted: Jan 19, 2014 8:15 AM
TIME Magazine's Latest Cover: Can Anyone Stop Hillary?

TIME Magazine has never been one to shy away from political theatre or hide their bias, but the newest cover is a bit more. It’s an endorsement. The cover story for the January 27th issue is entitled “Can Anyone Stop Hillary?”.

In the brief excerpt that has been released so far, the author goes on and on about how Hillary is in a league of her own. It appears no one can stop her. David Von Drehle, the author, fawns over Hillary and describes how even though Hillary has not yet decided to run, it doesn’t really matter.

“Clinton is so globally famous, so politically wired and so primed for the presidency after two campaigns at her husband's side and one epic race of her own that her life as a private citizen has become virtually indistinguishable from her life as a candidate.”

But at least the author does understand something about politics. He knows that Hillary simply says she hasn’t decided to run yet, because it will slow her down. By keeping out of the race for as long as possible, Mrs. Clinton has allowed for flexibility in her schedule and keeping her out of the public arena for a bit longer. Additionally, with her staying out of it for now, she allows for the Republican field to take shape and take on each other first.

Make sure to take a peek at the story and the cover that clearly identifies Hillary: simply the leg of a pant suit.