National GOP Wants Scott Brown to Run for Senate in NH

Posted: Nov 08, 2013 1:00 PM
National GOP Wants Scott Brown to Run for Senate in NH

After a failed attempt to hold onto his Massachusetts senate seat, many thought Scott Brown wasn’t quite done in the political world. Well, it’s possible we could see him in another election soon enough, just in neighboring state, New Hampshire.

Many have speculated that Scott Brown would run against incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire in 2014, and it appears the national GOP organizations are looking to get him committed. According to a report in the Boston Globe, NRSC Chairman Jerry Moran and Vice Chairman Rob Portman have both pressured Brown to get into the race.

Brown recently put his Massachusetts home on the market, sparking more gossip about his plans for the future. Adding fuel to the fire, he also started a new PAC to back candidates in New Hampshire. He hasn’t said whether the rumors are true, but he has been making plenty of moves that suggest a continued political presence. Earlier this year he made trips to early primary states, like Iowa, making many think there could a presidential run in his future.

But with a potential run on the horizon, many are wanting him to make up his mind. He has made several trips to the state recently and those on the national level want a decision as to free up the field if he doesn’t plan on entering the race. Shaheen could be vulnerable in next year’s election and many believe Scott Brown could be the one to really push her out.

Time will tell whether or not Scott Brown wants to stay in the political arena or if he is happy in his new position at a law firm and providing commentary on Fox News.