Hmm: 'Conservative' Lawyer Urging Georgia Republicans to Boycott Runoffs Is a Democratic Donor

Posted: Dec 03, 2020 1:35 PM
Hmm: 'Conservative' Lawyer Urging Georgia Republicans to Boycott Runoffs Is a Democratic Donor

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As Reagan noted earlier, Newt Gingrich is blasting attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood as "totally destructive" forces, urging a course of action that would "cripple" the country. At a campaign rally-style "press conference" yesterday, the pair suggested that pro-Trump voters should decline to participate in the Georgia Senate runoff elections, which will determine control of Congress' upper chamber. If Democrats win the two contested seats in the Peach State, they'll take over the Senate, having already won the presidency, and clinging on to a slim House majority. Chuck Schumer will become majority leader, Democrats will take over the agenda and power in crucial committees, and Kamala Harris will become the tie-breaking vote. Republicans should have the upper hand in these contests, but if any significant portion of the GOP electorate decides to sit out or refuse to participate in the process, Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock could absolutely win. This nonsense is music to Schumer's ears:

Powell and Wood have been embarrassing themselves in legal filings for weeks now, making many humiliating and discrediting errors left and right. Wood's comments in particular dovetail nicely with alleged voter suppression efforts from Democratic operatives seeking to capitalize on conservative frustration over the presidential election results in order to convince right-leaning voters to stay away from the polls on January 5 -- via Georgia radio host Erick Erickson:

Erickson suggests that Powell and Wood may be colluding with Democrats to sink the GOP ticket in these absolutely critical races -- a theory that is at least a bit more plausible than some of the wild conspiracies the pair of lawyers have repeatedly alleged and utterly failed to prove. I haven't seen any direct evidence linking Powell or Wood to Democrats meddling in the race, but it does appear as though their goals and tactics are somewhat aligned, in some respects. And then there's this, via the Trump campaign:

This guy is purporting to represent Trump's interests, but he's directly contradicting what Trump, Trump's family, and Trump's allies are all saying about the runoffs -- so much so that Trump's campaign apparently feels compelled to point out that he's a Democratic voter and donor. More details:

Here we have a multiple-time Democratic voter and donor -- who evidently bankrolled Barack Obama and supported David Perdue's last Democratic opponent -- telling conservatives to boycott the election to punish Republicans, boosting Democrats. That seems slightly fishy, come to think of it. If this sabotage play succeeds, and the GOP is divided, Democrats will have a very real shot at winning. I'll leave you with conservative Congressman Dan Crenshaw's message for right-leaning voters in Georgia:

The Important Thing Is No Mean Tweets
Kurt Schlichter

Crenshaw's "Texas Reloaded" project was a success in the Lone Star State, so he's not adding "Georgia Reloaded" to the target list. Ted Cruz is joining the chorus: