Swing State Q-Poll: Democratic Frontrunner Disliked, Distrusted

Guy Benson
Posted: Oct 07, 2015 2:33 PM
Swing State Q-Poll: Democratic Frontrunner Disliked, Distrusted

In all fairness, these surveys were in the field prior to Hillary Clinton's game-changing displays of planned spontaneity on SNL and the Today Show -- and before her first national television ad was unveiled. About that ad. New Red State editor-in-chief makes a compelling case that its concept is counter-productive and its content poorly produced. Plus, on-air advertising hasn't exactly been a silver bullet for Team Clinton:

She's losing to various Republicans in those two states according to NBC's latest poll, and here's more bad news for Democrats' double-digit frontrunner via Quinnipiac, which surveyed voters in three additional battleground states:

Florida: Favorability (44/51), trustworthiness (35/59). Clinton is locked in statistical ties with Marco Rubio (-1), Jeb Bush (-1), Carly Fiorina (+2) and Ben Carson (+2). She leads Donald Trump by five points.

Ohio: Favorability (38/56), trustworthiness (33/61). Clinton lags behind every Republican polled, except for Trump. She trails Carson by nine, Rubio by four, and Bush and Fiorina by two.

Pennsylvania: Favorability (41/54), trustworthiness (34/61).  Match-ups present the same deal as Ohio. Hillary is down to each potential GOP rival with the exception of Donald Trump. Carson (-9), Bush (-6), Fiorina (-4), Rubio (-3).

The poll shows Bernie Sanders also struggling against hypothetical Republican opponents; undeclared candidate Joe Biden emerges as the strongest Democrat in these head-to-head match-ups. Clinton's allies are reportedly weighing the possibility of giving up in New Hampshire, the state that revived her 2008 effort against Barack Obama, and her primary lead has tumbled precipitously in True Blue California.  Nevertheless, even with troubling new wrinkles in her email scandal arising by the day, Mrs. Clinton leads her party's primary field by more than 16 percentage points in the RCP average -- down sharply from her 50-point advantage in the spring, but still a sizable lead.  I'll leave you with a few thoughts from Democratic voters in New Hampshire: