Video: John Bolton Nixes 2016 Run

Posted: May 16, 2015 9:00 AM

Former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton—as he tends to dohinted earlier this year that he might run for president. In the end, however, he decided to forgo a 2016 White House run, pledging instead to make sure the next GOP presidential nominee passes the smell test on foreign policy (and national security) related issues.

“As I look forward, I have decided not to seek the Republican nomination for president,” he said. “I believe I can make the strongest contribution to our future by continuing as a clear and consistent advocate for a strong Reaganite foreign policy that values peace through strength.”

“And that’s not all,” he continued. “While I am not a candidate, I am certainly not going to sit this election out. As in 2014, I’ll be supporting national security candidates and stressing those issues in the Senate and House campaigns. I’m also going to focus on the 2016 Republican presidential race, to make sure foreign policy is critical to winning the nomination.”

Moreover, he also vowed to inject himself into the race to prevent the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee from winning the general election.

“Nor will I stand idle while our president surrenders our national interests, and liberals rally around his ideological twin, Hillary Clinton,” he intoned. “Join me as I continue to fight for America’s future.”

“Put America’s national security first in this election,” he stressed.