VIDEO: A Lie Exposed?

Posted: Nov 14, 2014 6:00 PM

The egotism of liberals has been on display all week. And, of course, it's not restricted to those who augment their incomes peddling lies:

Despite the media’s radio silence, a handful of liberals (to their great credit) have publicly condemned Professor Jonathan Gruber’s comments. His contempt for his intellectual lessers (read: us) is palpable and evidenced by the six videos that have recently surfaced. What he has stated is exactly what he believes, as Howard Dean, of all people, noted a few days ago.

But why, I wonder, would Pelosi claim she’s never heard of this guy if she clearly had? Two theories: First, she honestly forgot who he was. This theory, of course, is almost laughable on its face. But in fairness, the video was recorded roughly five years ago so perhaps it’s not impossible. Second—and much more likely—she lied. She lied because it was politically expedient to do so. Rather than publicly disavow liberals’ favorite “architect,” she feigned ignorance. Perhaps she was hoping—and assuming—it was somehow possible video evidence did not exist showing she once knew him by name, a terrible miscalculation. Why?

Because in the end, it's clear she did.