RNC Video: #FireSebelius

Posted: Oct 15, 2013 12:00 PM
RNC Video: #FireSebelius

Senate Republicans are already calling for Kathleen Sebelius to resign her post. And these voices of public disapproval will only grow louder in the days ahead, I can assure you. But what’s truly remarkable is that even former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is acknowledging that government employees can and must be fired for completely mishandling the Obamacare rollout. It was a bungled and poorly executed effort by all accounts.

So who better for Obama to cut loose first than his Secretary of Health and Human Services? Via The Hill:

The chances President Obama will fire his top Obamacare cheerleader? Zero percent. Why? Because first and foremost that would be a tacit admission that his signature legislative achievement isn’t working. And he can't allow that to happen, can he? Of course not. Remember, too, the administration spent oodles of time and resources enlisting the support of Hollywood celebrities and actors to sell the unpopular law to a deeply suspicious public. Never mind that the White House knew well in advance that the official Obamacare website would never be fully operational by October 1. They went ahead with the rollout and the implementation deadline anyway.

Lucky for them, the ongoing budget impasse has deflected some criticism from the truly maddening process of trying to enroll in the state exchanges. In short, these “glitches” are systemic, widespread, and not easily fixable, which is why Americans are demanding someone be held accountable. But sadly, don’t expect it to be the Secretary of Health and Human Services -- despite the fact that she’s obviously in over her head and living in fantasyland.