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HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius claims Obamacare’s online exchanges are “simple” and “user friendly,” but anyone who’s tried to enroll or been paying the slightest attention since Oct. 1 knows the new health care law’s roll out has been a stunning failure. For this reason, Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan, thinks Sebelius ought to resign:

Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., blasted the secretary following widespread problems reported by would-be customers in using the ObamaCare website. Thousands have been unable to sign up, due to “glitches” that the administration claims it is addressing.

"How long do we let this failed exchange continue to operate?” Roberts said in a written statement, calling the problems “systematic, profound and indisputable.”

He alleged that Sebelius “won’t shoot straight with the American people,” citing her interview earlier in the week on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” in which she would not say how many people were actually able to enroll.

"In the absence of a full repeal of ObamaCare, which is my preference, we need new leadership from top to bottom. I am calling on the secretary to resign,” he said.

In case you missed the report, in a nation of roughly 300 million people, only 51,000 managed to sign up during the first week was online. In other words, and as Guy points out, "It's as if a sold-out Yankee Stadium signed up -- and nobody else." It’s no wonder the administration pretended they didn’t have the data.

Though calling on a member of another party to resign is not uncommon, USA Today explains that this instance is noteworthy because the two are from the same state, their families have been longtime friends, and because Roberts supported her confirmation. Despite all that, however, it seems Roberts isn’t afraid to call out “gross incompetence” when he sees it.

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