Avenatti Reveals His Client's Identity

Posted: Sep 26, 2018 11:42 AM
Avenatti Reveals His Client's Identity

Earlier this week Michael Avenatti revealed that he was representing a client who is accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. If true, she would be the third woman to accuse the nominee of inappropriate behavior. He revealed her identity as Julie Swetnick on Wednesday. 

Swetnick reports witnessing Kavanaugh engaging in abusive and physically aggressive behavior against girls. She says she was drugged and gang raped at a party at which Kavanaugh was present. 

NBC News detailed the allegations.

The woman, Julie Swetnick, said that she was the victim of one of these gang rapes in approximately 1982. She did not allege that Kavanaugh participated in the rape, but said he and his friend Mark Judge were present when it occurred, adding that she was incapacitated by a drug placed in her drink without her consent and was unable to fight off her attackers.

She also said she saw Kavanaugh and Judge lined up at other parties "waiting for their 'turn' with a girl inside the room."

Swetnick added that the men spiked the punch at these parties. She and Avenatti are demanding an FBI investigation.

Two other women, Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez, have accused Kavanaugh of inappropriate sexual behavior in high school and college. Ford is expected to testify Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

So too is Kavanaugh, who denies all the allegations.

"I've never sexually assaulted anyone, not in high school, not ever," he said during an interview on Fox News.

When Swetnick came forward with her accusations Wednesday, Kavanaugh said it felt as though he was living in the Twilight Zone.

“This is ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone," he said in a statement. "I don’t know who this is and this never happened.”