CNN Gets Called Out for Mocking Indian-American WH Official's Name

Posted: Jan 15, 2018 2:00 PM
CNN Gets Called Out for Mocking Indian-American WH Official's Name

CNN has been hammering President Trump 24/7 since reports that he called Haiti, El Salvador and African nations "s***hole" countries. Multiple anchors, guests and analysts called Trump a racist live on air.

The context makes Chris Cuomo's comment about a White House official on Monday pretty hypocritical. During yet another segment about Trump's "s**hole" comments, the anchor thought it appropriate to mock Indian-American White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah by not even bothering to find out his full name.

“We went to the White House when it happened, Raj whatever-his-name-is didn’t back off the words,” Cuomo said.

Shah kindly informed them that he does indeed have a full name.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders wasn't so kind to the network - especially since they weren't first time offenders. In December, the outlet confused Shah with an Obama administration official.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that later in the broadcast, Cuomo still hadn't bothered to find out the last name.

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"If the White House wanted to deny the language, they could have done it from jump," Cuomo said. "Raj put out a statement that—when asked, he didn't say it was the wrong language."