WaPo Reveals a Political Activist Faked a Roy Moore Story

Posted: Nov 27, 2017 7:20 PM
WaPo Reveals a Political Activist Faked a Roy Moore Story

UPDATE: Project Veritas has seemingly admitted that the woman who faked the Roy Moore account was one of their investigative journalists.

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One of Roy Moore's accusers has been outed as a fraud by The Washington Post. She is part of an "undercover sting operation," according to the editors.

Jaime Phillips, who claimed to The Post that the Republican Senate nominee impregnated her as a teenager, was seen on Monday walking into the headquarters of Project Veritas, a group that uses false cover stories and covert video recordings to expose what it says is media bias. The Post did not publish a story based on her account.

For two weeks, the woman shared her fake account about how Moore supposedly got her pregnant when she was 15 and she ended up having an abortion. The Post editors said they found "inconsistencies" with the woman's story on the internet. It was after they spotted her walking into Project Veritas they decided to publish her comments.

Social media users were rightfully appalled, but commended the WaPo for doing the right thing and reporting the truth.