Wow: In Radio Interview, Trump Doesn't Shoot Down Potential Ticket With Cruz

Posted: Apr 14, 2016 10:05 AM
Wow: In Radio Interview, Trump Doesn't Shoot Down Potential Ticket With Cruz

Trump called into Western New York radio station WBEN Talk Radio 930 am on Wednesday to speak with radio jockey Tom Bauerle about the 2016 race. The host offered some immediate thoughts about his conversation with the GOP frontrunner, including a few surprising exchanges. 

Bauerle was struck by how “conversational” the interview was, while a couple of other WBEN radio hosts noted it provided a “softer and gentler “Donald Trump than we’ve been hearing throughout the campaign.

At one point in their discussion, Bauerle offered Trump his definition of a dream ticket: Trump and his main rival, Ted Cruz.

Although Trump’s favorite nickname for Cruz is “Lyin’ Ted,” the businessman suggested he’s not totally opposed to also call him his running mate.

"That's too early to tell," Trump said about choosing a partner. "I probably could get along with him. I got along with him in the past."

I’m “very happy he did not shoot it down,” Bauerle said. “They would complement each other very well.”

Trump also raised eyebrows when he reportedly suggested his former opponents Scott Walker and Marco Rubio, both of whom he relentlessly insulted this fall, could be potential running mates.

Walker laughed out loud at that suggestion. I wonder how Cruz will respond. 

In his conversation with Bauerle, Trump also offered a bit of insight into his meeting with Fox News' Megyn Kelly on Wednesday. Kelly "could not have been nicer," Trump said, adding that their feud appears to have ended.