DNC Chair Deflects Bias for Hillary, Offers Advice to the RNC: ‘I Would Strengthen My Spine’

Posted: Apr 05, 2016 12:57 PM
DNC Chair Deflects Bias for Hillary, Offers Advice to the RNC: ‘I Would Strengthen My Spine’

Even the liberal host of “The Daily Show” senses the Democratic National Committee’s bias for Hillary Clinton. Trevor Noah confronted DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Monday night with voter complaints that she is blocking Bernie Sanders from even having a prayer to win the Democratic nomination. Wasserman Schultz, however, continued to dismiss the accusation.

"As powerful as that makes me feel, I'm not doing a very good job of rigging the outcome or...blocking...anyone from being able to get their message out."

Based on the campaign schedule the DNC drafted at the beginning of the campaign season, voters have a right to question Wasserman Schultz’s defensive answer. Only half a dozen debates were planned before the primary convention, meaning Sanders would have few opportunities to present his vision to Democratic voters, while Hillary Clinton coasted on name recognition.

Not wanting to delve further into the DNC's own apparent bias, Wasserman Schultz seemed much more interested in talking about the Republican primary, which she compared to a “clown car.”

“You’ll watch the chaos unfold on the other side, where they are about to splinter into I don’t know how many parts,” she said. “They have done everything they can to make people in this country feel unwelcome – the vitriol and the bigotry and the nastiness.”

Meanwhile, her party’s leading candidate is claiming unborn babies have no constitutional rights.

Despite all her criticism for her Republican counterparts, she was kind enough to offer some advice.

“I would strengthen my spine” and not cave in to Donald Trump, she insisted. If it were her, she’d “stand up for what’s right.”

Perhaps Wasserman Schultz should focus on fixing her own party first, which seems intent on stifling any kind of democratic challenge to Clinton.