Fiorina Takes 'Umbrage' With Media For Lack of Coverage Over 'Strangle' Comment

Posted: Nov 12, 2015 5:15 PM
Fiorina Takes 'Umbrage' With Media For Lack of Coverage Over 'Strangle' Comment

"Newsflash: The media is biased," presidential contender Carly Fiorina said during an interview with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly Wednesday night.

The conservative businesswoman is used to being made a mockery. She has been called “demented” on a live talk show and, most recently, a Hillary Clinton supporter and former Hewlett-Packard employee said he wanted to “strangle” Fiorina for laying off him and several other employees.

Clinton, who claims to be a champion of women’s rights, laughed at the man’s comments. While she has no obligation to defend Fiorina, Clinton did not have to blatantly chuckle at the man’s insensitive joke.

Fiorina is not as upset with Clinton as she is over the mainstream media’s disinterest in the exchange.

"You know, I don't take umbrage with him or I don't take umbrage with Mrs. Clinton," Fiorina said. "I do take umbrage with the clear double standard that exists in the media. If this happened with the conservative candidate the liberal media would be all over and asking to apologize and all the rest of it."

You have to admit she has a point. Should the positions have been switched and a man in Fiorina’s audience threatened to, albeit jokingly, “strangle” Clinton, the media would be screaming about sexism and domestic violence, demonizing Fiorina for failing to correct the disgruntled employee.

All Fiorina wants is for the media to be consistent in its temper tantrums.