‘Giant Drop-off’: New Poll Shows Dwindling African-American Support for Hillary

Posted: Oct 02, 2015 3:15 PM
‘Giant Drop-off’: New Poll Shows Dwindling African-American Support for Hillary

A new Suffolk University/USA Today poll suggests Hillary could be losing a key demographic she had until now comfortably enjoyed. While the Washington Post notes the survey comes with a large margin of error, there’s no denying the “giant drop-off.”

Among white Democrats, Clinton is doing nine points worse since July. With black Democrats, this poll has her down 31.

Sanders’ and Biden’s trajectory, meanwhile, show slight ticks upward.

In August, Gallup showed an 80 percent favorable for Clinton among black Americans. A possible explanation for Clinton’s dwindling support, the WaPo suggests, could be her declining favorability among African-Americans. She is down 16 points.

Clinton is also not immune to challenges from the controversial Black Lives Matter group. Her very awkward meeting with the activists in August included her telling them that if they continue to practice such antagonistic rhetoric, she will “only talk to white people.”

Perhaps understanding how important it is to win over the black community, Clinton agreed to be a guest on Al Sharpton’s new “PoliticsNation” talk show on Oct. 4. Her appearance will come soon after she joined Sharpton on his radio show in August to discuss voter discrimination and criminal justice reform – two significant issues among African-Americans.

We’ll see if her talking points can point her in the right direction among black voters. As for her email controversy, that is a whole other issue – and one that transcends demographics.