Hillary Laughs Again, Dismisses Email Scandal as a 'Conspiracy Theory'

Posted: Sep 28, 2015 7:30 AM
Hillary Laughs Again, Dismisses Email Scandal as a 'Conspiracy Theory'

Hillary Clinton is getting a lot of stand up material from this whole email controversy. 

By now it appears to be a fact that Clinton dealt with classifed information on an unsecure private server during her tenure as Secretary of State. That should concern any American, for national security should have been her top priority. As of Friday, the State Department is still releasing more of her emails to the Benghazi Select Committee for review. Yet, anytime you try to get straight answers out of her regarding the growing scandal, she responds with a smirk. First, the former Secretary of State joked that she loved her new Snapchat account because those messages "disappear all by themselves." Then, she turned to mockery. When Fox News's Ed Henry asked her if she had wiped her private email server of information, she amusingly asked, "Like with a cloth or something?" Most recently, she was all chuckles with Chuck Todd.

On Sunday, the "Meet the Press" host tried to ask his guest serious questions, only to be met with laughter on the other side of the table. For instance, Clinton thought it was hilarious when Todd asked her to address claims that she used a private server to avoid open records laws and Freedom of Information Act requests. She referred to such claims as "conspiracy theory" and "totally ridiculous." Oh and it "never crossed her mind."

As you can see, Todd wasn't laughing. Neither are voters. As the email scandal continues to unfold, her poll numbers continue to slide.

RNC Spokeman Michael Short reasons why voters shouldn't - and aren't - buying Hillary's claim of innocence:

“Hillary Clinton continues to mislead the American people about her email scandal because the facts are not on her side. Not only did Hillary Clinton withhold emails she certified were turned over, she continues to perpetuate falsehoods about being transparent when the server itself was an exercise in skirting public records laws. The fact she is now blaming a ‘conspiracy theory’ for her sinking poll numbers shows how desperate she has become.”

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Rachel Alexander

Something tells me we're going to be seeing a lot of the above clip during the 2016 presidential campaign cycle, as her GOP opponents remind viewers of the terror attack in Benghazi, Libya that killed four Americans. 

Let's see if Clinton is stil laughing come Oct. 22, when she faces the Benghazi Committee for the second time.