New Yorkers Sour on Hillary

Posted: Sep 23, 2015 9:45 AM
New Yorkers Sour on Hillary

When you've lost New York, you've lost some serious blue street cred. A new Siena College poll reveals that the deeply Democratic state now dislikes their former senator Hillary Clinton more than they like her.

In the overwhelmingly Democratic state, 51% of the registered voters polled said they held an unfavorable view of the Democratic presidential front-runner, while 46% said they held a positive view of her. In a Siena poll released in July, Mrs. Clinton’s favorable rating was 56% and her unfavorable rating was 40%.

As for her potential opponent Vice President Joe Biden, he's a bit more popular with New Yorkers, earning a 54 percent favorable rating.

Mrs. Clinton and her husband have lived in Chappaqua, New York, a suburb of Westchester County, since 1999. What's more, she served as a New York senator for two terms. So, why the distaste from her own former constituents? Well, this might be a stretch, but for starters it could be her disregard for our national security interests and overall untrustworthiness. It seems not even one of the most liberal states in the country is going to let her server scandal go unnoticed.The former secretary of state dared to deal with highly classified information on her private, unsecure email, and has changed her story several times. New York, and the other 49, demand an explanation.

Shockingly, her attempt at the "Nae Nae" and insisting she's a "real person!" has not helped her in the polls. 

No, I will not provide a link to her "Nae Nae" performance.