Planned Parenthood’s New Graphic Proves Abortion Laws Are Working

Cortney O'Brien
Posted: May 23, 2014 11:45 AM
Planned Parenthood’s New Graphic Proves Abortion Laws Are Working

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood has produced a new graphic to try and scare women into thinking their access to health care is depleting in the South. Check out the gif they created, shrewdly titled, "The Real Impact of Laws Attacking Women's Health in the South," showing that abortion clinics are closing at a rapid rate:

So, what's the reason for these disappearing abortion clinics? The increase of common sense regulations such as the need for abortionists to reach the same standards as ambulatory surgical centers and to obtain admitting privileges at local hospitals. This, Planned Parenthood claims, is an "unnecessary" burden:

These bills don’t make patients safer. These bills are intended to put up another obstacle before women who make the personal decision to have a safe and legal abortion, the result of which is fewer providers and less access.

Well, despite Big Abortion claiming big bad admitting privileges are harmful to women, real doctors agree with the regulations. Live Action produced a list of reputable medical organizations who agreed that such regulations would make the procedures safer for women.

But, that narrative doesn't fit Planned Parenthood's attempt to paint any abortion regulation as a "war on women." Also left out of their arguments is a discussion of Kermit Gosnell's "House of Horrors." Gosnell, a late-term abortionist and convicted murderer, treated patients and babies so wickedly that concerned filmmakers succeeded in earning the $2.1 million they needed in a crowd funding campaign to expose him in a new movie. The new abortion regulations in the South are just small steps to prevent more Gosnells.

Any woman should be encouraged by graphics like these. Fewer abortion clinics means more innocent lives saved. I'm sure a lot more unborn babies are smiling right now.