Trump's Unfavorability Ratings Are Out of Control

Posted: Apr 01, 2016 1:00 PM
Trump's Unfavorability Ratings Are Out of Control

A new poll shows that an impressive number of Americans from a wide variety of demographics have an unfavorable opinion of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. Over 50 percent of every group surveyed had a less-than-favorable opinion of Trump, including white males and those without a college degree.

These numbers are simply amazing. Trump is viewed unfavorably by at least 80 percent of some of the groups that Republican strategists had hoped the GOP might improve among: young voters and Latinos. He’s viewed unfavorably by three out of four moderates. That GOP autopsy into what went wrong in 2012 has been torn to shreds and scattered to the winds from the top of Trump Tower.

It's especially surprising to see how Trump's numbers among non-college graduates have tanked. After all, it wasn't too long ago that he was proclaiming his love for the poorly educated.

Despite his overwhelming lead in delegates, Trump has still not received a majority of votes in any state.