Ben Carson Raked in Some Serious Cash This Quarter

Christine Rousselle
Posted: Oct 01, 2015 2:30 PM
Ben Carson Raked in Some Serious Cash This Quarter

Dr. Ben Carson raised a ton of money in the past three months: over $20 million.

That’s more money than what was raised by the GOP’s entire White House field combined over the same period four years ago. Mitt Romney, the establishment favorite in 2012, raised $14.2 million during that time, while the most popular outsider, former pizza chain CEO Herman Cain, brought in $2.8 million.

Bennett estimated the campaign had at least $12 million in the bank as of Wednesday. Overall, the campaign received more than 600,000 donations since launching in May from a total of 353,000 individual donors.

The Carson campaign declined to detail how much money it spent to raise that cash. Those details will be included in its financial report to federal regulators, which is due in two weeks.

Recent polls have put Carson in second place, with some showing him to be within the margin of error behind Donald Trump.