Al Qaeda: Back and Bigger Than Ever

Posted: Jan 09, 2014 2:34 PM
Al Qaeda: Back and Bigger Than Ever

Bob Gates has made some tough claims about the President's leadership in the military and foreign policy area.

The most publicized of Gates' criticisms (so far) pertain to the President's handling of Afghanistan, where he charges the President with, among other things, a lack of confidence in the mission and an agenda of withdrawal, whatever the cost.

The same critique could essentially be applied to the President's handling of the war on terror overall. And the results are troublingly clear: Al Qaeda now controls more territory in the Arab world than it has in its history.

Contrary to the President's repeated assertions, Al Qaeda is neither "decimated" nor "on the run" nor "on the path to defeat." Thanks to Obama's policies, it is becoming stronger and bolder than ever -- and all too soon, innocent Americans could be paying the price for the President's fecklessness.