Vulnerable Democrats Should Fear ObamaCare Ads

Posted: Dec 18, 2013 10:46 AM
Vulnerable Democrats Should Fear ObamaCare Ads

Any Democrat who thinks ObamaCare is going to diminish in salience for Americans is simply dreaming. Just wait until the rate hikes for small businesses kick in next year,

Smart Democrats know they have plenty to fear in the upcoming 2014 elections. Chris Cillizza, pointed out this remarkably effective ad, from Ending Spending, is aimed at Sen. Jeanne Shaheen right now, but it's likely every Democrat who voted for ObamaCare will have nightmares about it:

I wrote my thesis on US Senate ads -- and this one is a winner. It uses the facts accurately to portray Shaheen as either deliberately dishonest (a la President Obama) or so incompetent that she was willing to remake the entire American health care system based on pie-in-the-sky promises that she didn't really understand. And its tagline recalls the biggest deception visited upon Americans -- "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."

What makes it even worse for Senate Democrats like Begich (AK), Pryor (AR), Udall (CO), Landrieu (LA), Franken (MN), Hagen(NC) and Shaheen (NH) is that each one of them can be understood to have constituted the 60th (crucial) vote for ObamaCare. If any one of them had voted against cloture, ObamaCare would not have passed out of the US Senate.

Here's an Americans for Prosperity ad aimed at Senator Mary Landrieu that makes the point:

Obviously, it would benefit from more footage of Landrieu speaking in favor of ObamaCare (like the Ending Spending ad has) but it effectively saddles her with responsibility for the health care disaster afflicting Americans.

Both commercials are worthy ad templates for next year's election cycle. It would be interesting to see one, as well, that sneaks in a little footage of the Democrat triumphalism (with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi) after they successfully inflicted the ObamaCare crisis on Americans.

Really, the whole program is such a mess -- and such a pernicious, destructive, dishonest attack on what has been the best health care system in the world -- that writing the ads is little more than child's play.