If Students Walked Out to Protest Abortion, They Could Have Gotten Out of School for a Year

Posted: Mar 15, 2018 3:30 PM
If Students Walked Out to Protest Abortion, They Could Have Gotten Out of School for a Year

Kids these days. I never thought I would ever be "that guy" who complains about how dumb and lazy today's youth are, but here I am. I don't know which is worse, eating laundry detergent, getting the "news" from late-night comedians, or protesting inanimate objects because they look scary. It frightens me to imagine how much worse things will get considering where we are currently. The optimist in me remains hopeful when considering that roughly 75 percent of students stayed in their schools this week or participated in a more positive activity instead of skipping school to protest firearms. For the other bunch, it was like someone challenged them to see how foolish they could be and their reply was, "Here, hold my Tide Pod."

If today's youth were really smart, or even the least bit creative, they would protest the number of children killed by abortion so far this year. If they did, they could take the rest of the year off. Since this bunch obviously slept through history class, it's safe to assume that they can't do math very well, either, so I'll show my work.

The latest report from the Centers for Disease Control on abortions shows that in 2014, there were 652,639 abortions in the United States. Since the number of abortions has been declining for the last twenty years, I will estimate that approximately 600,000 abortions will be executed in 2018. That's 2,400 abortions every business day (600,000 abortions divided by 250 business days during the year equals 2,400). So far this year, there have been 57 working days, not including federal holidays. That means, 2,400 x 57 = 136,800 lives snuffed out by abortions to-date in 2018. If students took one minute from school to protest every life aborted this year, they could take the rest of the year off. See, 136,800 minutes/60 minutes in an hour equals 2,280 hours, and 2,280 hours divided by 8 hours per work day equals 285 days. Actually, they could take all of this year and much of next year off to howl through the streets carrying signs.

Two thousand, four hundred abortions performed every business day destroys the same number of lives as 141 Parkland, Florida school shootings. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has an enrollment of approximately 3,000 students. Comparing that to the number of abortions performed daily would be the equivalent of killing the entire school every one and a quarter days.

Every life snuffed out is a tragedy whether it be a teenager in her prime killed by a madman's bullet, or an unborn child torn limb from limb from his mother's womb. Either is a life unfulfilled and unrealized.

If the other side wants to have a "serious conversation" about important matters like a fundamental right actually enumerated in the Constitution, then let's have a "serious conversation" about a "right" not enumerated in the Constitution but instead created in 1973 by nine men in black robes. It is fundamentally and intellectually dishonest to advocate for saving lives while promoting or ignoring an activity that destroys more lives than anything else.

The elephant in the room is the fact that, as a society, we have torn down every guard rail that has protected the fragility of life since the beginning of time. How can these people one day be talking about how these teenagers were stripped of their right to life and then the next argue that it is just and reasonable to slaughter the unborn?

How is it possible that we've removed many levels of morality, discipline, authority, and respect for life, yet do not expect adverse consequences? How can we take away all the guard rails that keep a society in balance and then be surprised when one of our youth goes careening off into the canyon? How can we create a generation of people whom we allow to set their own standards of morality and then be shocked when that morality is something less than we are willing to accept?

All these symptoms and more are the tail, legs, trunk, ears, and the rest of the elephant standing in the room.  

Now, kids, get back to school, pick up a book, and study some history. Oh, I forgot that books are old school. Google genocide, holocaust, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot and Castro for starters and then let's have a conversation.

Until then, I'm keeping the one thing that stands to protect me and my family from the monsters our society and our world have created.