Pizzeria Has the PERFECT Message for Men Who Robbed Its Store

Posted: Jul 11, 2018 9:30 PM
Pizzeria Has the PERFECT Message for Men Who Robbed Its Store

On Tuesday night, just before 11 p.m., police received a call after two men, one of whom was armed, decided to make some extra cash by robbing a pizza shop in Indianapolis, Indiana. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the robbers did get away, and they took a drawer's worth of money with them. 

The next day, the restaurant, Greek's Pizzeria, sent the thieves a message on Facebook—and it’s pretty epic. Rather than scold the men, the owner gave them some solid advice, advice which should be obvious, but no one ever said criminals were great at making life choices.

What makes this even better? The restaurant actually had a “Now Hiring All Positions” sign posted on its wall at the time of the robbery. Security footage captured one of the suspects walking right by it.

If the two men weren't keen on working at a pizza shop, they could've taken a gander at the 213,000 other jobs added to the economy last month; one of those was bound to grab their interest. Then again, if you're robbing stores for a living, you can't really afford to be picky. Regardless, it sounds like the two will have plenty of time to contemplate their next career move. 

In a separate post, the pizzeria shared pictures of both suspects and asked for help identifying the men. Locals not willing to help the owners out of the kindness of their hearts should know Greek’s is offering free pizza as a reward for any information—and they’re not the only ones who could get a free meal out of this whole incident. 

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In response to the robbery, Greek’s rolled out a pay-it-forward program that sends a special thank you to local police. For just $4, a customer can purchase a meal voucher that any IMPD officer can redeem while on duty. Customers can also leave their name and a message for the officer, if they so chose.

“That way everyone feels safe that there will regularly be a police presence at our shop,” the pizzeria explained. Seems like a great idea to us. Perhaps more restaurants will follow suit.