NYPD Is Being Sued Over President Trump, Donald Trump Jr.'s Concealed Carry Application

Posted: Jun 25, 2018 6:30 PM
NYPD Is Being Sued Over President Trump, Donald Trump Jr.'s Concealed Carry Application

An online-based newspaper in NYC, The Daily Dot, on Friday filed a lawsuit against the NYPD for denying the media outlet's Freedom of Information LAW (FOIL) request about President Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr.'s concealed carry applications. The request was denied because NYPD believed it could put the Trumps' lives in danger.

The Daily Dot wrote an editorial explaining why they wanted the information:

New York City has some of the nation’s most stringent concealed carry laws, but the Trumps were granted permits to keep guns in their residences and places of businesses.

The president and his sons were disclosed as concealed carry permit holders in 2013, when media outlets published a list of gun owners in New York City.

To obtain that license, Trump had to complete a comprehensive application, answering why he had a right to own a weapon, how he would safely store it, and how he was trained to properly handle it, among dozens of other questions.

As the gun debate rages in America, the president has spoken openly about his concealed carry weapon and whether firearm ownership should be restricted. We wanted to see why Trump believes he needs a concealed carry permit.

So we sent a FOIL request (New York state’s version of the federal government’s FOIA) to the NYPD for his application, believing it to be a matter of public interest. It was denied on the grounds that releasing the information could endanger his life.

Given the round-the-clock and all-encompassing protection he receives from the United States Secret Service, we don’t buy that, and yesterday we filed suit in New York County Supreme Court to force the NYPD to release to us a copy of President Trump’s application for a concealed carry permit.

The Daily Dot is partnering with Davis Wright Tremaine, which has a history of bringing FOIA and FOIL cases against the government in matters that shape the public discourse. We believe the release of Trump’s application will reveal a great deal about the president’s stance on firearms.

The media outlet believes they can learn a great deal about Trump's stance on guns and how he'd react to gun control legislation moving forward.

The president has not been shy in the past about his use of guns. Speaking with the Washington Times in 2012, Trump said he owned an “H&K .45,” a semi-automatic pistol, and a “.38 Smith & Wesson,” a smaller pistol with a revolving chamber.

Now, as the head of the country, Trump is in charge of enforcing gun laws and evaluating possible gun reform measures, and he has been at the center of the gun control debate. The president’s gun permit application will provide the public with specific answers that will illustrate the thoughts behind the president’s position on gun ownership as Americans on both sides debate the Second Amendment.

How would obtaining Trump's CCW application give any insight into how he feels about guns? Clearly, he's A) a gun owner, B) in favor of concealed carry and C) he's going to do whatever he can to protect both A and B.

Meanwhile, the application for anyone who wants to own a handgun in New York City asks for a detailed description of the applicant’s employment and an explanation of why the employment requires the carrying of a concealed handgun. It also requires a statement indicating that the applicant has been trained or will receive training in the use and safety of a handgun.

Do we really need a detailed report of what Trump's employment history entails? Even before he jumped into the political arena people knew who Trump was. They knew he was a multi-billionaire real estate guru in New York City and he had his own show called The Apprentice. 

Because of his fortune and fame he could easily become a target for those who want to do him harm. It's blatantly obvious.

Similarly, the application must also include a statement from the applicant explaining the manner in which the gun will be safeguarded. Early in his administration, the Trump administration reversed a proposal around gun purchases for people with mental health issues, and in March, the Trump administration rolled back regulations around gun storage and safety devices.

So they want to know if he has a gun safe, that he stores his gun loaded and his ammo is stored in a separate area from his firearms? 

Making A Mountain Out Of A Molehill

President Trump has a concealed carry permit. Big whoop! Why should anyone care about that? This is literally the leftist, anti-gun media attempting to do what they always do: find a nothingburger and turn it into a story. What are they hoping for? For Trump to say that he doesn't lock up his guns? For Trump to say that he leaves his gun loaded and unattended near his son? This is the very definition of a witch hunt.

And what does Donald Trump Jr. have to do with anything? He's not the President of the United States. There's no reason for the NYPD to release his information, especially if The Daily Dot is trying to argue that President Trump's application is a matter of public interest. That same line of logic can't be applied here, not even in the slightest bit.